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* Are your marketing efforts getting you the results you want?

* Is the money you’re spending on advertising paying off by bringing in new customers?

* Is the time you’re spending on promotion justifying itself in added revenue?

* Does your target market know what you sell and what makes you different from your competition?

* If you met a prospective customer in an elevator and you had sixty seconds to tell them what your business does, would you know what to say?

* Are you losing business and leaving money on the table because you don’t have a strong marketing message?

Hi! My name is Roy Rasmussen, and I’m a professional writer and marketing consultant. I’ve logged over 50,000 hours writing in my lifetime, ever since I started trying to write my own Star Wars comic books when I was seven, over thirty-five years ago. For over two decades I’ve studied the methods professional writers, advertisers, and publicists use to get publicity and generate business. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with small business owners and others who might benefit from learning to improve their business communication skills, and I’ve created this site for this purpose.

To give you an idea what this site is about, I’ve put together this special report sharing five of my hottest tips on how to pack more power into your marketing message. Inside you’ll learn some of the top secrets professionals use to get more customers and make more money, like:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most amateur advertisers and even many pros make
  • How to make your audience want your product or service
  • How to match your message to the right market
  • How to add a personal touch that connects with your audience’s emotions
  • Plus the simple secret to selling without sounding pushy

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